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We all want happiness in our lives, however once in a while we have to go through difficult moments which result in sadness, negative emotions and despair. Sometimes it is not easy to overcome such situations on your own. Professional help and support becomes a very important tool to reach contentment and fulfillment in life.


My goal is to help you to achieve real changes in your life, whether it's in dealing with a difficult current situation or braking patterns that keep you from living a more fulfilling life.


I have many years of experience as psychologist and therapist in United States and Colombia providing psychotherapy to a wide range of clients including adults, children, teens, families and couples in both English and Spanish. Since 2013 have been working as a volunteer at the Hospital Wels-Grieskirchen helping patients at the Oncology and Intensive Care departments.  Additionally, in 2018 I received my degree in counseling from the Sigmund Freud University Vienna.



Common topics for Counseling

  • Dealing with stress and difficulties in life
  • Work-related stress and burnout prevention
  • Coping with serious diseases (patients or family members)
  • Grief counseling
  • Relationship problems, family issues
  • Children and teenager counseling
  • Leading a meaningful life
  • Recognize crisis as a chance to grow


My approaches

As every individual is different and unique, I use a personalized combination of therapeutic approaches that best fit the needs of my clients, which include


  • Systemic therapy and counseling
  • Coaching techniques
  • Crisis management
  • Positive psychology
  • Relaxation exercises and meditation

Counseling also in German

and in Spanish


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Helps you to identify and gain a deeper understanding of your behavior in order to cope with the problems you are experiencing, or to heal from a negative experience. It can also help you to take effective decisions to make the changes you need for a more fulfilling life.




Is a powerful method to support you taking steps to reach your goals, in private or work life, and to teach you skills to form new habits so you experience more positive feelings. It can allow you to orient yourself and to recognize your potentials by following your heart and intuition.

Counseling/Coaching Process


The purpose of our first appointment is to listen to you and to clarify the goals of the counseling. We can get to know each other better in order to decide how we can work together. The first appointment is free.


I offer a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental environment in which I work in collaboration with my clients to help them achieve their goals.


Where do sessions take place

Counseling may take place at one of the following places:


Ordination Dr. Dietmar Wakolbinger

 Nadernberg 30

 4631 Krenglbach


Primärversorgungszentrum Marchtrenk

 Goethestraße 12

 4614 Marchtrenk


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In case you are unable to travel we can also schedule an appointment in your home.


Monica Pichler Escobar

Akademische Psychosoziale Beraterin

(Sigmund Freud Privatuniversität Wien)


(Studium in Kolumbien)

Cell phone:  0681 2071 2027


Monica Pichler Escobar Lebensberatung Wels, Wels Land, Linz, Linz Land

"Being able to talk

about these difficult subjects

with an experienced professional

in a welcoming, supportive space

can help you to increase

your life quality."

About me

I am an open-minded person and have a positive attitude in life. My goal is to help my clients to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives. Being able to support people during tough times is one of my biggest strengths.


I was born in Cali, Colombia,  and grew up in a lovely family together with my parents and three brothers. I studied Psychology at the Pontificia University Javeriana, Cali, where I received my degree as Psychologist.


During the university years (1995-2000) I also worked as a volunteer in an institution for adults and children with HIV-AIDS, providing support, spiritual care and conducting workshops. This volunteer work was life changing and I became aware of my life purpose to help others.


After obtaining my psychology degree in 2000 I worked three years as psychologist providing therapy to children and adults suffering HIV/AIDS, conducting therapy groups for family members, giving workshops at schools, community as well as promoting fund raising events.


In 2004 I had the opportunity to go to Pittsburgh, USA, where I worked for Catholic Charities at Roselia Center, an institution of the Diocese of Pittsburgh, providing therapy and support to young women in difficult situations.


I met my husband in Pittsburgh where he was working for an international company. In the year 2007 we moved to Austria and I started learning the German language and dedicated myself to raise our two children.


From 2013 to 2018 I worked as a volunteer at the Hospital Wels-Grieskirchen, providing spiritual care and support to the patients at the Oncology and Intensive Care departments.


Currently my focus is providing support to children and teenagers during challenging situations.


Additionally I received in 2018 my degree in counseling from the Sigmund Freud University Vienna.


Thank you very much for visiting my web page, I hope to get the chance to meet you soon!

In the meantime I wish you all the best, blessings and happiness in your life.


Truly yours,

Monica Pichler Escobar